export plant and machinery

Plant and Machinery Exporting

For all Clients not in the UK, we are able to Export any machines/vehicles to virtually any location adhering to DEFRA’s high exporting standards.

We do need a few bits of paperwork for our VAT records. The machines will not be allowed to leave the yard without the customer providing us with a copy of their CMR. Once the machine arrives in your country we also need a copy of your stamped, signed CMR emailed to us along with a copy of your ferry/shipping invoice. This is to prove the machine has got to its intended destination.

Please read the export essentials section below very carefully before ordering from us.

Export Essentials – You can be zero VAT rated if you meet the following criteria…

  • Orders must be sent by email so that we have proof of your enquiries and orders
  • We must have your valid VAT number including the two letters at the beginning
  • First time customers will have to pay the VAT which will then be refunded when we have the correct documents (stamped signed CMR and copies of your shipping invoices)
  • A CMR must be provided at collection from our yard. We must then have a copy of this same CMR returned to us with the GOODS RECEIVED BOX STAMPED AND SIGNED once you have the machine back in your country

These documents must be received within one month of the original collection date.
If you are unable to provide the above information/documentation we will be unable to export machines to yourselves with the VAT zero rated.